In the words of a seasoned Omaha architect,

“This high exposure to the dollar sensitive and finicky standards of the home owner makes a very unique but valuable combination for a contractor in the commercial building industry.”

Thus, dwb, inc. has moved forward in implementing high standards in the custom building of residential and commercial building industry.

  • Wolbach Community Center

    The combination of meeting rooms, kitchen, R.R's and large event rooms satisfied the venue need for everything from graduation and wedding receptions to small meetings, street dances, and barbecues.

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  • Neligh Fire Hall

    The versatility of pre engineered steel buildings by Star Builders is a popular application for firehouses and safety facilities. Large storage accommodation, economy, and durability make pre engineered steel a great fit.

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  • Ewing Fire Hall

    Though pre engineered steel buildings have a lot of design and style options to offer, the addition of color and alternate building materials such as masonry can satisfy even the most design-conscious client.

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  • Frontier Bank

    A substantial addition/renovation tripled the square footage of this bank. Superb design and craftsmanship perfectly blends to new with the existing to challenge even the most critical eye.

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  • Madison County Bank

    Pella windows, brick dormers, laminated shingles, and cherry trim elevate and warms the look of this new 7,500 square foot, full service bank.

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  • Miller Chiro/Community HC

    A one hundred year old building renovated with contemporary design and materials. Well planned. Well done. Didn’t break the bank.

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  • Sponge Bath Car Wash

    A small home turned manual car wash was remodeled and expanded to an updated, multi-bay, manual car wash facility.

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  • Summit Foods

    An up and coming food production business added 10,000 square feet of product warehouse through the economy of pre-engineered steel by Star Building Systems.

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  • Viaero Wireless Retail

    A competitively bid and superbly built retail store met all the requirements and satisfied all the needs of the Viaero Corporation.

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